Thursday, May 25, 2006

he sure can be mean...

Blossom Dearie - Long Daddy Green

If you're not familiar with Blossom Dearie's exquisite voice here's a treat for you:
light and sweet but perfectly measured and thoroughly tasteful...
And even if you are familiar with her, this number has a very different delivery to her usual up-tempo rendition of this song; slow, languid, somewhat dark, even spooky, it has to be my favourite of all her recordings — and that's saying something!
I haven't found this version on any available Blossom Dearie recordings. I received it on a tape and have been looking for the original recording ever since. There is a little bit of distortion here and there but it's pretty clear for a 20 year old tape...
If anyone can advise which of her records it was issued on I'll be very grateful!

Long Daddy Green

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