Friday, March 31, 2006

This is Madness!

The Last Poets were some of the original rappers, defining a whole musical genre decades before most of us new about it, mixing powerful rhythms with a militant Moslem/Black Power adgenda.

The Mean Machine is a spine-chilling critique of the western Military-Industrial complex, presented as a kind of prophesy. Released in 1971, their message is as relevant now as ever. If you have ever harboured misgivings about where corporate globalisation and unfettered capitalism is taking the world, prepare to be amazed!
I suspect that this track encapsultes a moslem extremist conspiracy theory that has inspired the major conflict of our decade...hmmmm...
Even if you disagree violently with their sentiments, this track succinctly presents a philosophy that we need to understand if we are to know what we're dealing with.


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